Podcast interviews for Mount Vernon’s Intertwined

Interview for Smithsonian Magazine on George Washington’s family

Podcast interview with Conversations at the Washington Library Podcast

Podcast interview with Ben Franklin’s World

Radio interview on With Good Reason

Podcast interview with New Books Network

Author Q & A on the Junto Blog

Featured in the American Revolution Museum’s Read the Revolution Series

Featured on Truly Amazing Women

Review of Founding Friendships by Thomas Fleming

Alumna Uncovers Private Lives of Founding Fathers—and Mothers, GW Arts & Sciences Magazine

Love Stories of America’s Founding Friends, OUP Blog

Featured article on on founding fathers’ female pen pals

Author’s Corner at The Way of Improvement Leads Home

Author Discovers Founding Friendships

UMW Expert Studies Washington’s Family

What’s Up Alum? Cassandra Good

Bringing History to Life


Founding Friendships: Friendships Between Men and Women in the Early American Republic, Library of Congress Books & Beyond Series

Interviewed on CSPAN’s American History TV on James Monroe and Foreign Policy

Founding Friendships: George Washington Edition, Ford Evening Book Talk, Mount Vernon

Featured in “Mysteries at the White House” on the Travel Channel

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